Invoke LIVE

How Invoke LIVE Can Help You

Using a combination of the best of qualitative and quantitative research methods, the patented Invoke LIVE platform provides immediate insight into the feedback of key education constituents – students, faculty, and administration – with live, online, collaboration sessions.  Inside of an hour, instantaneous, actionable results are provided leading to more informed decisions on institutional change.

Educational institutions leverage Invoke LIVE for a variety of applications.  You can host a live research event with students that have been accepted — but have chosen to attend another institution.  You can also use Invoke LIVE to host a dialogue with high school students to understand why some marketing initiatives are successful and others aren’t.  And, it’s also a great methodology for getting a handle on the quality of campus life.  In all these situations, Invoke LIVE is uniquely positioned to help you answer the “what” along with the “why”.

Stakeholder Engagement


We’ll join you to host a LIVE research event from your office so you and your colleagues can participate as the research unfolds. In real-time you’ll cycle through more ideas as you:

  • Review popular key words and sentiment trending in the open-ended responses
  • Analyze and compare top/bottom box scores
  • Filter the findings by question and segment
  • Conduct dynamic probes by inserting on-the-fly questions and hosting 1:1 chats

Participant Interaction


  • Powerful technology, an intuitive user interface and expert researchers keep pre-recruited students and prospective students immersed in the dialogue
  • Participants can view and respond to any type of digitized stimuli, including images, storyboards, videos, interactive clips and websites.
  • Students can also let themselves be heard by engaging in 1:1 chat sessions, ‘voting’ on responses made by other participants, and answering on-the-fly questions

Act Quickly and Confidently


  • Real–time analytics are generated during each live research event so you and your colleagues can discuss and react to the findings in real-time
  • Automated PowerPoint and Excel reports are available one hour after each session
  • You can also receive a comprehensive Insights Report that includes an executive summary, detailed findings and recommendations

How It Works

Our experienced researchers will bring your team together by hosting a live research event from your office. As the dialogue unfolds in real-time, you’ll see which ideas and concepts resonate among students, faculty, or administrators— and which ones don’t.  And, you’ll have the opportunity for additional probing so you can understand exactly “why” people think — and feel — the way they do.

In addition to watching the research unfold and inserting questions on-the-fly, you’ll have access to comprehensive reporting — including .XLS and .PPT reports that are available one-hour after each research event, as well as comprehensive Insights Reports that includes an executive summary, key findings and recommendations.

Download the Live Education Insights Sell Sheet

Uncover the “Why?” behind student decision-making with fast, effective and affordable market research.

Don’t spend another marketing nickel without testing your message, your program, and your brand with a LIVE session.