Your Questions, Your Way – CoursEval Release 79

o4Pib1_Q_400x400By Chris Probst…  

Buzz and excitement permeate the CoursEval offices as Release 79 goes out the door and into the cloud or onto customer servers. To learn more about the not-so-mystical but very sensational inner workings and new feature sets in this release, contact your Account Manager and read on.

Questions, Questions, Questions

This release allows departments to add their own questions, which will save your CoursEval manager time!.

There was a lot of talk about Learning Outcomes at our 2015 User Group Conference this past September in Chicago. We took advantage of the buzz to add some great new features to CoursEval to support evaluating SLO’s at your institution.

While we were at it, we provided a way to allow faculty to keep their added questions private!

LMS Dashboard – an integrated experience

Our new LMS dashboard is a clean, comfortable and fully integrated experience. The LMS dashboard is configured to run completely embedded within your LTI compliant LMS and provides access to the features that are most used by students and instructors. The best part? It looks like it’s part of your LMS!

We have also leveraged the IMS Global Common Cartridges which makes it a snap to integrate with Canvas. We’re actively pursuing similar integrations with other major LMS platforms. In the meantime, you can enjoy our revamped BlackBoard Building Block and Jenzabar JICS integration solutions.

But wait, there’s more…

Our best ideas come from our most valuable asset – our customers. Version 79 shines with customer suggested features. Take a peek at our release notes to find the gems provided by you and your peers.

In keeping with tradition we have also improved our web security and support for those using assistive tools.


We’re excited to show you all that the new CoursEval release has to offer. If you missed our release webinar, contact your Account Manager for a link to the recording or to schedule a personalized walk through of these exciting new features — with even more to come in our Spring release.

Thank you for your continued support and great ideas!