You’re invited to a Webinar: Can you handle the truth? Helping colleges recruit and retain the right students

5-6-2016 11-18-39 AMColleges and universities face an onslaught of new challenges — including drops in student enrollment and retention. It’s a perfect storm of declining high school graduates, changing student demographics, and growing concern over the value of higher education, and it has institutions on high alert.

Ed Venit, senior director with the Education Advisory Board, a research and technology company, likens the upcoming [2015] enrollment predicament to an “iron triangle, with enrollment, revenue and selectivity/quality as the three points…To improve enrollment, you have to either take students you wouldn’t normally take, or drop the price to look more attractive. Neither of these is a great option…Dropping the price hurts the margin, and dropping the quality could be bad for your reputation and also impact graduation rates.”

What this means for higher education leaders is that they need to be spot-on when it comes to marketing their institution’s cost and value in order to attract the right students.  It also requires an investment in keeping the right students once they arrive on campus. How do you know if what you’re advertising is working (and who is it working for), does your school have a good image, are students happy once they get there, and why might they leave or choose another college or university?

It’s increasingly imperative for schools to understand “why” prospective and current students act and think the way they do, and that’s why Invoke would like to invite you to our Webinar: Can you handle the truth? Discover how Invoke helps colleges recruit and retain the right students on Tuesday, May 17 at 1 p.m. ET to explore current challenges and trends and what you can do to overcome them.

Join Brian Hopewell and Wayne Goodreau to learn how Invoke Higher Education’s large-scale online research events help schools to achieve deeper insights, avoid costly mistakes and improve enrollment yields.  During this webinar, you’ll see how Invoke’s LIVE events enable you to:

– Review and discuss the results in real-time

Conduct additional probes with adhoc questions and 1:1 chats

– Obtain key findings one hour after each LIVE research event

Space is limited, so register for this webinar today.


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