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Survey Intelligence

This is the go-to report for managers, faculty members, and administrators alike. Users enjoy filterable items, enhanced question selection with scale display, variable aggregation levels, layout configuration, and more. Create, save, publish, and email one-of-a-kind reports in minutes. This is some serious smart.


CoursEval™ is ADA compliant and LTI-ready, which can be used for secure single-sign-on to launch the program, embed surveys and reports within any LMS including Canvas™ and Desire2Learn™. CoursEval™ also integrates with Blackboard®, Jenzabar®, Moodle®, and Sakai® using our standard, easy-to-set-up plug-ins.

Student Engagement

Students need to know that their opinions matter, and CoursEval™ has the right tools to help them—and you. Our Student Engagement tools enable users to assign extra credit, apply coupon codes to places like the bookstore or a popular cafe, insert messages from faculty, upload project grades, or other data items to student records to entice them to complete their evaluations. Engage them, and they will reciprocate.


Your students can run and they can hide, but if they’ve got their smart device with them…their surveys will be tagging along. CoursEval™ is mobile ready and requires no set-up or application download. Screen layout and navigation makes taking evaluations easy, and dare we say, fun?


CoursEval™ evolved out of a health professions college by educators, and clinical site rotations were at the top of the list when it came to program function. That focus hasn’t changed as rotations offer flexible scheduling of surveys to fit the needs of the clinical experience, and teaching sites can be added to any survey to accommodate the most complex semester calendar.


It’s nice to put your mark on things and assure users that they’re in the right place when taking surveys or viewing reports. CoursEval’s customization tools enable users to employ local branding to splash school colors and logos in the portal and in communications. School-specific questions can be uploaded by the users to create custom surveys and reports to please the entire campus community.

what can Course Evaluation tell you about the student experience?

Are students engaged? Have course objectives been met? What are students thinking? You won’t know unless you ask. With its wide variety of survey types ranging from peer and self-evaluations, student evaluation of faculty, and faculty of student, CoursEval™ users can ask questions vital to the improvement of teaching and learning.

Students will feel secure in the MyCoursEval™ portal dedicated to anonymity on each and every evaluation they take…And faculty members and administrators will have the feedback they need in order to make necessary and positive changes on campus and in the classroom. It’s an experience worth asking for.

Our Team
Leadership Team

how can our team help achieve your full potential?

Because we’ve been there. Our team is compiled of former educators and techno-savvy individuals whose aim is to help foster a positive attitude towards course evaluations. Faculty and student buy-in and opinion is important to you, and your feedback on how to capture that is crucial to us. We welcome the conversation.

  • Testimonial

    Brian Hopewell

    Vice President, Sales

    About Brian Hopewell

    Brian Hopewell has been with AMS/Invoke since 2006; as Vice President since 2010.  He works primarily in sales but also manages business development and partner relations.

    Prior to joining AMS, Brian had a 26 year career in higher education administration, serving as Director, Dean, and Vice President of Enrollment Management, Admissions, Alumni Affairs, and Financial Aid at several institutions in New England and the South.  Brian also led the enrollment and marketing efforts for national programs serving gifted and talented students, “gap year” students, and students doing study abroad in the sciences.  He served on the editorial boards of the Journal of College Admission and the Roeper Review: A Journal of Gifted Education.

    Brian has an M.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in English Literature.  He lives on Cape Cod and in Salt Lake City.

  • Testimonial

    Chris Probst

    Product Manager

    About Chris Probst

    Chris earned his BSEE degree across the street from the AMS offices at the University of Buffalo, and has worked in numerous industries designing and building software. He joined the AMS team in 2009 to design data warehouses, but after a month it was clear that CoursEval would be his new home.

    A self-proclaimed “big project junkie”, Chris loves to tackle the biggest problems and figure out how to make them best work. In his free time, Chris likes to coach and play soccer or find a Northern waterway to exploit for fishing and extreme water sports.

  • Testimonial

    Michele Borucki

    Senior Director, Training & Development

    About Michele Borucki

    Michele has almost been here from the beginning, starting with AMS in 2002. She has a Master of Science Degree, Creative Problem Solving. She spends her days doing a little bit of everything including relationship management with our customers. When she’s not training or troubleshooting, Michele manages the Help Center documentation and the Customer Management System and does quality assurance testing on all new builds and changes to CoursEval. If the Accounts Receivable team needs assistance with billing, Michele’s all-hands on deck.

    Outside of work Michele enjoys spending time on her boat, fishing, reading, bird watching and taking pictures. She loves hanging out with her dogs, gardening, and hiking in the woods, traveling and scrapbooking. Snorkeling and using her underwater camera to capture fun pictures of fish is something Michele enjoys tremendously!

  • Testimonial

    David Neiss

    Director, Training & Development

    About David Neiss

    Dave currently serves as a Director of Training & Development with CoursEval and has been with the team since February 2011. Other than the training of current clients and colleagues, he is also involved in video tutorial production, support portal maintenance, and quality assurance.

    He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degree from The State University of New York at Buffalo. After finishing college, Dave started his career and worked for seven years as a middle school Technology Education teacher in the Buffalo Public School District.

    Outside of work you will find Dave being a dad and living the dream with his wife, Amy, two young boys, Sammy and Eli, and wannabe ferocious felines, Cheeto & Aslan. He also enjoys sports, camping, fishing, and all other outdoor activities.

    He currently resides in Buffalo, New York.

  • Testimonial

    Laura Sandino

    Director of Marketing

    About Laura Sandino

    Laura Sandino is a nine-year veteran at Invoke. As Director of Marketing, Laura spends her days leading the charge within the Marketing Department by managing the website’s content and news section, writing press releases, release notes and client communications, aiding the sales team with conferences, and event planning for User Group Conferences.

    When she’s not flitting about the office, Laura enjoys training for fitness challenges including Ragnar Relay, Tough Mudder, kayaking, hiking, and hanging out with her husband, Jon, son, Liam, and dog, Boomer.

  • Testimonial

    York College of Pennsylvania

    Joshua D. Landau, Associate Provost Student Success Division

    York College of Pennsylvania has been using mycourseval for 2 years now so I believe that I am in a good position to comment on the effectiveness of their software and support. For our primary users (faculty and students), the software provides a manageable and intuitive user interface. On the management side, the surveys are easy to create and students can complete them on a computer or using their cell phones. However, the real advantage of using mycourseval is the support that they provide. We have never felt neglected or that we had to wait to solve a pressing problem. Although I have interacted with several companies, I can say that the support that we receive from mycourseval is the best I have ever encountered. In summary, we are very pleased with our decision to use mycourseval for our course observation process.

  • Testimonial

    University of California, Los Angeles

    Kevin Wong, Evaluation Analyst

    Our school has always wanted a way to know how students feel about their learning experience during the several facets of the curriculum. CoursEval has made it possible for us to create evaluations for the students to complete after each course. Faculty find it easy to monitor how they are teaching as well as if the course is meeting the students’ expectations. I have found that CoursEval is an important component for any school looking to achieve success. Compared to other evaluation systems I have seen, CoursEval is by far the best.

  • Testimonial

    Ohio Northern University

    Sue VanDyne, Senior Specialist, Institutional Research

    Since 2006 we have had the pleasure of working with the CoursEval team. Their guidance and support has taken us from an all paper evaluation process to a fully electronic system, exactly where we need to be for our evaluations. CoursEval provides us with a program that is easy to maintain with user friendly reports, while having the utmost confidentiality for our students and faculty. CoursEval has webinars, focus groups and user group conferences where we have an opportunity to voice opinions and suggest new ideas. They truly believe that no idea is a bad idea. Their customer service is exceptional: always listening to our needs and responding in a timely manner. Great job CoursEval team, keep up the good work.

  • Testimonial

    Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

    Des V. Rice, Ed.D., Dean of Preparation Program

    We have really appreciated CoursEval, especially with the increase in the percentage of student course evaluations. When we started 3 years ago, our response rate was around 50% or less. Each semester we have seen a rise in the responses partly due to the fact that there is competition among the colleges to be at the top. Hence the faculty are behind encouraging students to participate and giving their own incentives. We now have an overall average of above 70%. This is excellent data for accreditation purposes. The ease of access for faculty to see their results after it is made available has cut down tremendously on the load from my office.

  • David Nelson, PhD of Purdue University

    David Nelson, Associate Director, Center for Instructional Excellence

    The heart of CoursEval is the support and development team at Academic Management Systems. They have worked tirelessly to meet the needs of Purdue University and its course evaluation system. Their commitment to consistent, quality support is what sets them apart from competitors, and their willingness to seek proactive solutions and product enhancements has been instrumental in maintaining our continued relationship.

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